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When your Creative Strategy is set up properly, you have the power to harness every click, tap, and swipe to grow your dream of building a successful online business. My mission is simple, to help creative small business owners level up their branding and get their digital marketing systems set up right, the first time so they can grow their online leads and ultimately revenue in the new age of digital.


I started my career by working in compliance and marketing for a Fortune 500 company. For 10 years I worked my way up the corporate ladder with progressively increasing levels of responsibility.

I was a decade into a corporate career and found myself at a significant crossroads; my mom suddenly became very sick, I was pregnant with my first child, and I knew I was going to need some flexibility. Working remotely from “home” wasn’t the norm back then, so after a lot of soul searching, I decided to take a risk.

I left the corporate life and created my own boutique creative consultancy. Vogue Media was founded in 2006 with the single goal of helping small businesses establish a beautiful and functional presence on the web. From 2006 until 2010, I did graphic design and built hundreds of WordPress websites on a project by project basis. By 2010, my branding and digital design work had gained the attention of larger marketing agencies, and Vogue Media was hired for a variety of “white label” projects which included growing the brands of companies both large and small through modern digital techniques including Growth Driven Website Design, Strategic UI/UX Planning, SEO, Inbound Digital Marketing, & Email Automation.

I’m a creative at heart. In 2006, I thought all websites were U-G-L-Y. Web developers were building websites that weren’t user-friendly, average people didn’t yet know about WordPress, and agency project managers definitely didn’t let the devs collaborate directly with the designers.

Back then…all website links were blue, and if your local Pizza restaurant was fancy enough to even have a website in 2006, you were lucky if you could find the telephone number in an intuitive location! Digital advertising was still in it’s infancy, and online marketing wasn’t yet a critical component of every business owner’s toolbox.

Fast forward to today, where search engines index results with automated intelligence adding complexity to the buyer’s journey, and marketing, sales, and customer service teams have a need to effectively use social media, evaluate performance, gain insights and drive improvements based on real data.

Throughout all of the agency relationships and projects, from start-ups to global brands, I discovered that I really connect best with small business owners who have an unwavering commitment to growing their business and their dream of living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

What makes me different? I know that what works for large corporations online also works for small business owners…and I have personally implemented all the technical details of how to make it happen for many different industries and verticals.

Technology continues to change at a rapid pace. My mission is to help small business owners grow and prosper through setting up their website and digital marketing systems the right way, and using Social Media to drive highly qualified leads to their business; as a mother myself, I’m especially passionate about helping parents (who need flexibility to build their business on their own terms).

What can I do to help you get focused on your goals? PS: If you’re a DIYer, don’t forget to check out my online course, The Pinterest Business Plan!

xoxo Kate
Mom's Choice Award Winner

I have written and published countless Ebooks on the topic of digital marketing. Check out the Blog or click around my website to find out more!

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The Plant Pledge is a hardcover children’s book that is written in a rhyming “Dr. Seuss” style. It encourages not only children, but entire families to eat healthier and live healthier, more balanced lives. My children were ages 4 and 5 when my first book was published in 2012. It was when I went into my daughter’s kindergarten classroom during “Read Across America” week that I realized I couldn’t find just the right children’s book with the message I wanted to send. I decided to write my own. It took a few more years to get it done, but in 2017, the book finally became a reality. 2 Months after publication, I won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for Best Children’s Book in May of 2017.

The Plant Pledge

Main Author:
The Plant Pledge by Kate Murray

I never thought I would be an author, but after my mom died in 2008, I became passionate about learning about the connections between nutrition and disease. We were a healthy family, we valued exercise and cooking at home together…for 30 years. But it wasn’t until my mom became very sick out of the blue that I realized there was so much regular, educated people weren’t aware of. A Silent Cure in my Back Yard will make you laugh, cry, and become one of the most important books you’ll ever read.

A Silent Cure in my Back Yard by Kate Murray

After A Silent Cure in my Back Yard was published in 2012, I formed a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization called A Silent Cure in my Back Yard with the goal of helping families live a healthy lifestyle by raising awareness of the connections between nutrition and disease. In addition to blogging about business at Vogue Media, in my spare time I write a vegetarian recipe column for my local newspaper The Reading Eagle. I am available on a limited basis for speaking engagements in my local community.