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It takes a focused and forward-thinking company to embrace the ever-changing media landscape without sacrificing strategy and measurable results. We’re here to focus on your needs.


We’re a small and agile creative team of exquisite designers, professional developers, and strategic marketers that leverage digital to help you grow your business.


We design full-scale digital campaigns, and we track & report on every marketing engagement which allows us to create strategic funnels that lead your prospects from curious to interested to sold.

Vogue Media

We begin with a focused audit of your existing tools


We build you a scalable, functional website


We optimize for modern, mobile audiences


We implement a focused digital marketing strategy

What people are saying:

I have worked with Kate on a variety of websites and digital marketing projects over the last ten years. I have always been very impressed with the quality and the timeliness with which she is able to deliver on every project. Kate is highly knowledgeable and very professional.

Mary Barbera, PhD
Mary Barbera, PhDBCBA-D, Best Selling Author

I have known Kate for nearly 7 years now and have worked with her on multiple projects. Kate designed a gorgeous website that consisted of intense layers of programming that one would not find typical of an everyday website. Kate always completed the work efficiently and was always available to make everything from minor adjustments all the way up to major additions. If you work with Kate on a project, you will undoubtedly continue to work with her on future projects.

Thomas Malcolm, PhD
Thomas Malcolm, PhDCEO, Excision BioTherapeutics

Kate worked on my team for three years and she was an incredible asset to the organization. She was always prepared with ideas and was highly organized in her daily routines including follow-up with her team and Senior management. Kate approached each day with enthusiasm and a passion for getting things done right the first time. She is very effective and brings a high level of energy to her interactions with offers. If given an opportunity, I would hire and highly recommend Kate for a variety of roles and responsibilities.

Frank Consalo
Frank ConsaloManaging Director, Citi Personal Wealth Management

I have consistently been impressed with Kate’s ability to solve problems and deliver excellent service to her customers. She is a true professional and someone I would highly recommend. She has great knowledge of the marketing industry, particularly in digital and automation.

Elisha Bender
Elisha BenderChannel Consultant, HubSpot

Why Choose Vogue?

With the industry-shifting success of strategic digital marketing, the modern landscape has completely transformed the way sales and marketing teams are aligned in organizations. Identifying precise micro-moments, marketing specifically to where buyers are in your sales funnel, crafting thoughtful email sequences, and sharing valuable content that will help nurture prospects to the next phase in their journey is an undervalued component of modern sales. We have a proven track record of results you can trust.

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